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Tue Feb 7 21:01:01 2012 UTC (10 years, 4 months ago) by jpye
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Working on tests for LINK functionality. More to do.
Adding notes on usage of VIM highlighting.
2 Syntax highlighting for ASCEND files in VIM
3 -------------------------------------------
5 I learnt VIM on some crumby old green-on-black terminals at University of Melbourne.
6 They were slow and only barely usable. But somehow, the habit of using VI (and now
7 VIM) stuck, and I still like to use it for quick edits.
9 If you also like VIM, place the ascend.vim syntax file in the correct place on your
10 system (probably /usr/share/vim/syntax or something like that). You also
11 need to register the syntax file with a change to your ~/.vimrc file.
13 If you use MinGW/MSYS then you can use the example .vimrc file (vimrc-mingw.txt)
14 which will enable colour syntax highlighting. It seems to work for both the 'mintty'
15 terminal as well as for the 'cygwin' (regular MSYS command-line) terminal. Enjoy!
17 --
18 John Pye
19 Feb 2012

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