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Sat Aug 16 07:36:13 2008 UTC (15 years, 10 months ago) by jpye
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Added readme.
2 ----
4 This is a fairly simple tool for building a Debian package
5 from a source code tarball. Following the convention of the
6 'rpm -ta' command, one can embed the necessary files for
7 building platform-dependent packages within a platform-independent
8 source-code package. This script implements the necessary
9 script for compiling this package on Debian platforms.
11 Usage:
12 dtar ~/ascend-
14 It works by first reading a few of the important files from
15 inside the tarball, including 'debian/control' and
16 'debian/changelog' to make sure that these are present and
17 readable, and that the debian changelog has a version number
18 that matches the source code tarball version number.
20 Next it unpacks the files to a temporary directory and
21 creates the source package. Finally, it creates the
22 binary package and deletes the temporarary files.
24 It is intended that some more command-line arguments will
25 be added to provide greater support over the build process.
27 It is also intended that this build script will provide
28 support for standard file locations as used by RPM, eg
29 RPMS/i386/mypackage_1.0-0.deb, so that the user can easily
30 locate the resulting packages once the command has
31 completed.
33 John Pye
34 16 Aug 2008.

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