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Mon May 18 15:03:16 2009 UTC (13 years, 4 months ago) by ballan
File size: 634 byte(s)
issues resolved:
cmslv.c: unused var cleanup.
lsode/SConscript: fortran flags bugs-- may not work with 0.9x scons.
works with 1.2+. when adding -w, or any special flags, be sure to add
them and not replace the original flag.
system/var.c: 64bit clarity.
system/discrete.c: 64bit clarity.
system/analyze*: g_reuse declared in wrong place. 64bit clarity
system/diffvars: missing prototype function, 64bit clarity.
compiler/numlist.*: changed from int to glint.
compiler/simlist.c: missing includes needed for 64bit clarity.
compiler/instance_io.c: missing includes needed for 64bit clarity.
compiler/initialize.[ch]: const clarifications.
compiler/packages.c: const clarifications.
compiler/module.c: const clarifications.
compiler/statio.c: unused var cleanup.
compiler/procframe; const clarification. memory deallocation bugs.
compiler/notequery.c: repaired multiple casting and 64bit issues.
compiler/importhandler.c: const and free issues fixed.
compiler/type_desc.c: ridiculous if constructs clarified.
compiler/createinst.c: casting stupidity repaired.
linear/ranki2.c: missing includes needed for 64bitness.
solver/solver.c: const issues clarified.
utilities/ascConfig.h: added GLint typedefs for dealing with gllist
64bit portability.
utilities/ascPanic.c: removed extraneous const.
general/ospath.c: safer,quieter handling for string pointer difference.
integrator/integrator.c: const issues clarified.
packages/sensitivity.c: missing includes needed fo 64bit sanity.
tcltk/interface/Integrators.c: 64 bitness.
tcltk/interface/SimsProc.c: const errors.
tcltk/interface/Driver.c: fixed env var handling wrt ascend-config (295)
models/test/z*a4c: fixed meters -> m conversion; someone never ran the
test suite after teasing the default units to ambiguous abbreviations.
SConstruct: added sizeof checks; output might be better put in a ascend
system-wide header.

1 #!/usr/bin/python invoke_using_scons
2 Import('test_env')
4 # local sources
5 srcs = ['test.c','test_ascend_base.c','redirectStdStreams.c','printutil.c','assertimpl.c']
7 # test cases from the different tested modules
8 for dir in ['general','utilities','solver','linear','compiler']:
9 srcs += test_env['TESTSRCS_'+dir.upper()]
12 test_env.Append(
13 LIBS = ['ascend','cunit']
14 , LIBPATH = ['#']
16 )
18 if test_env.has_key('CUNIT_CPPPATH'):
19 test_env.Append(CPPPATH=test_env['CUNIT_CPPPATH'])
21 if test_env.has_key('CUNIT_LIBPATH'):
22 test_env.Append(LIBPATH=test_env['CUNIT_LIBPATH'])
24 test_env.Program('test',srcs)

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