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Wed Apr 29 02:39:32 2009 UTC (13 years, 3 months ago) by jpye
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Fixed building of test suite after code reorg.
Test suite may still be broken though: seems to segfault and give lots of errors.
2 Test routines for libascend
3 ===========================
5 This directory contains 'driver' code for running the test routines for 'core' ASCEND
6 code, a.k.a. libascend, including the compiler, the analysis module, expression
7 evaulation, etc.
9 The test code itself if located in 'test' subdirectories of ascend/compiler, etc:
10 close to the code being tested.
12 Test routines are linked against the CUnit unit testing library for C, available in most
13 Linux distros as well as from http://cunit.sourceforge.net.
15 SCons run from the parentdirectory will build the test program if and only if CUnit is
16 detected on your system and if you call for the 'test' target to be built, e.g.:
18 scons test
20 There are flags that you can send to SCons to tell it where CUnit is installed on your
21 system, if you have installed it somewhere unusual.
23 --
24 John Pye
25 Apr 2009

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