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Sat Oct 1 18:10:03 2005 UTC (18 years, 9 months ago) by jds
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- Minor changes to AscPrintTcl.c and Driver.c to compile on Linux
- Add Watcom support to jam/Jambase
- Add release_notes subdirectory to tcltk98 for notes, licenses, etc.
1 This file contains release notes for version 0.9.5 of ascend4,
2 binary for Windows.
4 Topics-
5 0. Documentation for the ASCEND language and how to use it
6 1. Installing under Win32 (95, 98, ME, NT4, XP)
7 2. Installing under Windows 3.1.1
8 3. Tcl/Tk used by ASCEND under Windows
9 4. Installing debugger version of ASCEND under Windows
10 5. Building ASCEND under Dev Studio from its sources
11 6. Modeling libraries from CMU
13 0. Documentation for the ASCEND language and how to use it.
15 Howtos for mathematical modeling are available from
16 http://ascend.cheme.cmu.edu/pdfhelp.htm.
18 Bibliography and online publications relating to ASCEND and
19 ASCEND applications are available from
20 http://ascend.cheme.cmu.edu/ascend_documentation.htm.
22 General information on ASCEND including free registration and
23 bug report/technical support information is available from
24 http://ascend.cheme.cmu.edu/Home.html
26 All information is available in Adobe PDF format. Some information
27 is available in alternate formats.
30 1. To install this software for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4, or XP:
32 Unzip the distribution file. If your unzip program has an
33 option that turns folder information off and on, turn it ON.
34 ASCEND will not work without being arranged in its folders.
36 Find ascopt4.exe in new folder <INSTALL_DIR>\ascend4-0.9.5\ascend4\bin\,
37 then double-click to start ASCEND.
38 or
39 Right click the executable to create a shortcut and move the
40 shortcut to your desktop or menu folder.
42 Do NOT move the ascopt4.exe. It will not work except from
43 the bin directory.
45 The current release has only been tested on Windows XP. If you
46 encounter difficulties installing ASCEND, please let us know.
49 2. To install this software for Windows 3.1.1:
51 ASCEND may work if you have installed Win32s.
52 Verify that you have win32s and then follow the instructions for
53 installing under Win32. We have not tested this theory as we
54 have no obsolete Windows boxes available.
57 3. Tcl/Tk Notes:
59 This release of ASCEND relies on Tcl/Tk 8.0p2, the portable GUI
60 system from http://www.scriptics.com. The ASCEND IV zip file is
61 entirely self-contained. You do not need to install Tcl/Tk
62 separately. ASCEND will not interfere with any other Tcl/Tk
63 version you may have installed.
66 4. To install the debugger version of ASCEND under windows:
68 ASCEND IV is compiled with Mingw gcc 3.2.3 available from
69 http://www.mingw.org. The unoptimized executable file with
70 debugger symbols is available.
71 - Install the normal version of ASCEND IV.
72 - Obtain a4debug.zip from the same download area
73 where you obtained the normal version.
74 - Unzip a4debug.zip.
75 - Move ascend4.exe to <INSTALL_DIR>\ascend4-0.9.0/ascend4/bin.
76 It will be in the same location as ascopt4.exe.
77 - Run ascend4.exe just as you would ascopt.exe.
78 Otherwise, you'll have to build ASCEND yourself in debug mode.
81 5. Building ascend4 from the source distribution.
83 ASCEND IV is compiled from a single set of sources that
84 works under most known ANSI C/C++ compilers for UNIX/X11R6
85 or Windows. It is in principle portable to Macintosh,
86 though this has not been done.
88 Building ASCEND under Linux or other UNIX is trivial
89 assuming you have matched ansi compliant C and F77
90 compilers available. The configure and make programs
91 take care of nearly everything automagically.
93 Under Windows, life is not so simple.
94 Compiling the complete system requires a matched set of
95 C and FORTRAN compilers. Known combinations that work
96 include Mingw gcc/g77 and Visual C++/Digital FORTRAN.
97 The Open Watcom tools almost work, but lack a couple of
98 needed ieee math functions at this point. The standard
99 distribution is built using jam (ft variant preferred,
100 see http://freetype.sourceforge.net/jam) and Mingw. At
101 this point, it is necessary to manually set options in
102 <TOP>\jam\Jamrules_general. Then, run jam in each of the
103 jam subdirectories of base, blas, linpack, lsod, and
104 tcltk98 (last). A sporadically-maintained Visual Studio 7
105 project set is also provided in the source distribution.
106 You're on your own for an alternate FORTRAN compiler.
109 6. Modeling libraries from CMU
111 A variety of libraries are included in the ascend4\models\
112 directory. See ascend4\models\README.txt or README.html for
113 details. Additional contributed models may be available from the
114 ASCEND web sites above.

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