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Thu Apr 7 23:59:22 2005 UTC (19 years, 3 months ago) by jds
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Updated jam build files:
-Added support for -DTIMESTAMP builder credit.
- Renamed Tcl/Tk/TkTable libs for MinGW to match common gcc names.
- Corrected Linux ref in tcltk98 Jamfile.
- Added ascPrintTcl.c to list of interface sources.
- Fixed default CP definition in Jambase.
- Reworked gcc warning options in Jamrules_general.

- Added UNREFERENCED_PARAMETER() macro to standardize handling of unreferenced parameters.
-__WIN32__ macros for isnan(), isinf(), finite() not redefined if the plain versions exist (underscore not added in all __WIN32__ compiler systems, e.g. MinGW)

- Added return value to Asc_PrintInit_TclVtable().
- Modified doxygen comments to describe function return values.

- Added #include "interface/tkConsole.h" for __WIN32__ to pull in console functions.
- Added UNREFERENCED_PARAMETER() for WinMain() parameters.
1 The files in this directory support building the Tcl/Tk
2 version of ths Ascend modeling system using the jam* build tool.
4 The following files are included:
6 Jamfile - build instructions for the Ascend libs
7 Jamrules.in - configuration & custom build rules used by Jamfile
9 The build also requires ../../jam/Jamrules_general and
10 ../../jam/Jambase. This system builds the Ascend executable
11 as well as a static library of Tcl/Tk interface functions.
12 Installation of the resulting program is still under construction.
14 The Ascend jam build system currently supports building the libraries
15 under Windows using the MSVC, Borland, MinGW, and Watcom** compilers
16 (extension to Linux/gcc is on the todo list). With use of the
17 included Jambase file, it should work with both the original and ftjam
18 variants of jam. The system was developed primarily using ftjam.
20 Automatic processing of Jamrules.in to Jamrules by configure is
21 not currently implemented. Until it is, users will need to manually
22 copy Jamrules.in to Jamrules and edit Jamrules to match their
23 preferenes & configuration.
25 The interface library (libasc_tcltk98) is built in
26 ./CONFIGTYPE/COMPILER/interface, while the executable
27 is built in ./CONFIGTYPE/COMPILER where
28 CONFIGTYPE = Debug, Release
29 COMPILER = bcc, msvc, mingw, watcom, linix
31 There are several dependent libraries which must be provided to
32 successfully link the Ascend executable:
34 libasc_compiler
35 libasc_general
36 libasc_packages
37 libasc_solver
38 libasc_utilities
39 tcl80
40 tk80
42 The default location for the Ascend base libraries is
43 ../../base/jam/CONFIGTYPE/COMPILER. The default location for the Tcl/Tk
44 libraries is ../../../Tcl/lib. These may be modified by editing the
45 Jamrules file.
46 -------------------------------------------------------------------------
48 Build Instructions
50 1. jam must be installed and configured for the compiler in use.
52 2. Copy Jamrules.in to Jamrules.
54 3. Manually edit ../../jam/Jamrules_general, Jamrules and (if
55 necessary) Jamfile to set configuration and local directory
56 options.
58 4. Run jam from using the provided Jambase:
59 jam -f ../../jam/Jambase ascend
61 -------------------------------------------------------------------------
62 Notes:
64 * jam is an open source, multi-platform build tool
65 which is available in several flavors. These include
66 the original (http://www.perforce.com) and ftjam
67 (http://www.freetype.org/jam/index.html) variants,
68 among others.
70 ** Currently, Open Watcom 1.3 can compile the Ascend sources but
71 cannot link the executable. This is because Watcom does not supply
72 the required IEEE math functions isnan() and copysign(). Ascend does
73 not currently provide these support functions.

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