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Renaming 'tcltk98' to 'tcltk', continued...
3 The VC7 projects in this folder build the Ascend Tcl/Tk executable.
4 The basic Tcl/Tk interface is first built into a static library
5 (libasc_tcltk.lib), and then the executable is built. In addition
6 to this interface library, the executable also depends on several
7 other static libraries which are not built here:
9 libasc_compiler.lib Ascend4 base library
10 libasc_general.lib "
11 libasc_packages.lib "
12 libasc_solver.lib "
13 libasc_utilities.lib "
14 tk80.lib Distributed with or built from Tk80
15 tcl80.lib Distributed with or built from Tcl80
17 Other dependencies are optional (FORTRAN libraries, special solvers,
18 etc.) and are not currently implemented.
20 The library and executable projects are collected in a Visual Studio
21 2003 solution, WinVC7_tcltk.sln. This VS solution allows easy
22 compilation of both the library and executable.
24 The current implementation does not perform generation of
25 interface/typelex.c, which requires the unix lex/flex and sed tools.
26 The pre-generated source file is currently are used. If modification
27 of this interface file is desired, it will be necessary to obtain
28 Win32 versions of these tools and perform the source generation
29 separately. Both the Linux and jam build systems perform this
30 generation - refer to the corresponding build files for guidance
31 if needed.
33 These sources are dependent on the Tcl/Tk headers. This implementation
34 assumes that the Tcl headers are available in ..\..\..\Tcl\Include. If
35 the Tcl headers are located somewhere else, you will need to add the
36 correct subdirectory to the search path.

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