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revision 2060 by jpye, Thu Jun 25 10:27:30 2009 UTC revision 2061 by jpye, Sat Jun 27 15:23:36 2009 UTC
# Line 24  class Curve; Line 24  class Curve;
24  #define PLOT_CURVE "curve"  #define PLOT_CURVE "curve"
25  #define PLOT_LEGEND "legend"  #define PLOT_LEGEND "legend"
26  #define PLOT_FORMAT "format"  #define PLOT_FORMAT "format"
27    #define PLOT_LEGENDPOSITION "legend_position"
28  #define PLOT_POINT "pnt"  #define PLOT_POINT "pnt"
29  #define PLOT_XPOINT "x"  #define PLOT_XPOINT "x"
30  #define PLOT_YPOINT "y"  #define PLOT_YPOINT "y"
# Line 46  public: Line 47  public:
47      const std::string getTitle() const;      const std::string getTitle() const;
48      const std::string getXLabel() const;      const std::string getXLabel() const;
49      const std::string getYLabel() const;      const std::string getYLabel() const;
51        /**
52            Get 'legend position', an integer for use by matplotlib, see here for
53            documentation:
54            http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net/api/pyplot_api.html#matplotlib.pyplot.legend
56            This value is not used by the Tcl/Tk GUI's plotting routine.
57        */
58        const int getLegendPosition() const;
60      const bool isXLog() const;      const bool isXLog() const;
61      const bool isYLog() const;      const bool isYLog() const;
62      const double getXLow() const;      const double getXLow() const;

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