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revision 179 by johnpye, Wed Dec 21 00:14:13 2005 UTC revision 180 by johnpye, Thu Jan 12 03:20:58 2006 UTC
# Line 10  extern "C"{ Line 10  extern "C"{
11  #include "type.h"  #include "type.h"
13    /**
14        A Module in ASCEND is an opened version of an A4L or A4C file. You
15        can have multiple versions of a file active in memory at a time,
16        theoretically, although no serious effort to support this in the
17        PyGTK interface has yet been made.
19        To view what types are present in a given Module, you currently
20        need to query the Library object.
21    */
22  class Module{  class Module{
23  private:  private:
24      const module_t *t;      const module_t *t;

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