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Revision 526 - (view) (download) (annotate) - [select for diffs]
Modified Fri Apr 21 13:47:31 2006 UTC (16 years, 3 months ago) by johnpye
File length: 401 byte(s)
Diff to previous 507
Fixed up a problem with ordering of headers with Python.h.
Removed psyco initialisation, pending evidence that it actually does something :-)
Disabled python 'director' error message callbacks, trying to debug a segfault.
Added ability to disable GCC Visibility, scons WITH_GCCVISIBILITY=0.
Turned off runtime signal tests for SIG_INT and SIG_FPE (makes using GDB a pain), see base/generic/utilities/ascSignal.[ch].

Revision 507 - (view) (download) (annotate) - [select for diffs]
Modified Wed Apr 19 02:44:25 2006 UTC (16 years, 4 months ago) by johnpye
File length: 451 byte(s)
Diff to previous 500
Fixing for ubuntu GCC 4

Revision 500 - (view) (download) (annotate) - [select for diffs]
Modified Tue Apr 18 11:55:12 2006 UTC (16 years, 4 months ago) by johnpye
File length: 454 byte(s)
Diff to previous 498
Reduced some runtime debug messages from Python and C++ and base/generic/compiler/type_descio.c.
Fixed up support for GCC Visibility and add SCons 'sniffer' for this.
Fixed a bug with 'fileopenpath' in PyGTK interface (File->Open location is remembered from last time).
Fixed a bug with missing includes in C++.

Revision 498 - (view) (download) (annotate) - [select for diffs]
Modified Tue Apr 18 08:07:13 2006 UTC (16 years, 4 months ago) by johnpye
File length: 334 byte(s)
Diff to previous 485
MinGW build fixed and working again.
Changed SConstruct so that if you run SCons from MSYS, SCons won't try to use MV++ tools.
Wrapped extern "C" {} around #include <utilities/ascConfig.h> in pygtk/interface/config.h.in.
Added 'HAVE_LEX' and 'HAVE_YACC' env vars in SCons so that we can be smart about using _no_yacc source.
Changed tcltk98 SCons script so that _no_yacc is switchable.

Revision 485 - (view) (download) (annotate) - [select for diffs]
Modified Tue Apr 18 04:47:11 2006 UTC (16 years, 4 months ago) by johnpye
File length: 318 byte(s)
Diff to previous 480
Huge cleanup of file header comments (GPL notice etc).

Changed from ASC_DLLSPEC to ASC_DLLSPEC(TYPE) -- like python

Fixed up some badly export symbols (missing 'extern')

Fixed exporting of symbols from error.h

Removed ASC_DLLSPEC from .c files-- only in .h files now (hope that's right...)

Changed the way bintoken does its exporting, to take 
advantage of ASC_BUILDING_LIBASCEND (needs testing)

I wonder if the 'extern' keywork should be a part of the ASC_DLLSPEC macro?

Revision 480 - (view) (download) (annotate) - [select for diffs]
Added Mon Apr 17 10:45:23 2006 UTC (16 years, 4 months ago) by johnpye
File length: 284 byte(s)
Adding ASC_DLLSPEC to all functions that are being used by Python interface.
Also cleaned up some #ifdef header brackets and html-style comments inside doxygen comments.
Renamed pygtk/interface/config.in to pygtk/interface/config.h.in and made 
this active again (for ASC_BUILDING_INTERFACE) use.
Trying to catch error in ascpy.Library call with try/except, doesn't work though.

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