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revision 1677 by jpye, Mon Dec 17 00:45:59 2007 UTC revision 1678 by jpye, Wed Dec 19 00:29:48 2007 UTC
# Line 209  IncidenceMatrix::getNumBlocks(){ Line 209  IncidenceMatrix::getNumBlocks(){
209      return bb->nblocks;      return bb->nblocks;
210  }  }
     Return an MFGRAPH object containing the incidence information for the  
     local block. It is intended that this should be passed back to the python  
     layer as a SWIGed object that Python can decode. It might prove easier  
     just to write a .dot from this C++ layer however.  
     Further investigation has shown that GraphViz comes with its own perfectly  
     good graphing API and we should really just use that.  
 IncidenceMatrix::getBlockGraph(const int &block) const{  
     using namespace mfg;  
     DrawGraph g;  
     Node *a = g.CreateNode();  
     Node *x = g.CreateNode();  
     Edge *ax = g.CreateEdge(a, x);  
     ax->Attribs()["color"] = "red";  
     Subgraph *s = g.CreateSubgraph();  
     Node *b = g.CreateNode(s);  
     b->Attribs()["style"] = "filled";  
     b->Attribs()["fillcolor"] = "green";  
     Edge *ab = g.CreateEdge(a, b);  
     return g;  

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