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Wed Jun 21 07:00:45 2006 UTC (18 years ago) by johnpye
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Merged changes from DAE branch (revisions 702 to 819) back into trunk.
This adds the Integration API to the ASCEND solver (in base/generic).
Also provides pre-alpha support for 'IDA' from the SUNDIALS suite, a DAE solver.
Many other minor code clean-ups, including adoption of new 'ASC_NEW' and friends (to replace 'ascmalloc')
Added some very sketchy stuff providing 'DIFF(...)' syntax, although it is anticipated that this will be removed.
1 johnpye 669 # CONSOLE ACCESS to ASCEND from PYTHON
3     argv=['-gthread','-pi1','In <\\#>:','-pi2',' .\\D.:','-po','Out<\\#>:','-noconfirm_exit']
4     banner = "\n\n>>> ASCEND PYTHON CONSOLE: type 'help(ascpy)' for info, ctrl-D to resume ASCEND"
5     exitmsg = '>>> CONSOLE EXIT'
7     try:
8     from IPython.Shell import IPShellEmbed
9     have_ipython=True;
10     embed = IPShellEmbed(argv,banner=banner,exit_msg=exitmsg);
11     except ImportError,e:
12     have_ipython=False;
13     embed = lambda:None
15     def start(browser):
16     embed();


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