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Wed Jan 17 04:34:59 2007 UTC (15 years, 10 months ago) by johnpye
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Fixed sensitivity module. It now runs as mostly external code, with just a few relics required by LSODE still in packages/sensitivity.c.
1 /*
2 This external package is just a cheeky wrapper for the built-in Sensitivity
3 routines in the base/generic/packages directory. Although we *want* to make
4 sensitivity into a pure external module, we can't do that due to the
5 dependency of the LSODE integrator. However, in order for sensitivity to
6 work correctly with the new importhandler mechanism, *something* needs to be
7 here, so we've got ther 'sensitivity_register' function, as well as the
8 do_ wrapper functions in the .c file here.
10 -- John Pye, Jan 2007
11 */
12 #include <utilities/config.h>
13 #include <utilities/ascConfig.h>
15 ASC_DLLSPEC int sensitivity_register(void);

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