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Wed Apr 25 04:30:36 2007 UTC (17 years ago) by jpye
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Added man pages, fixed some more lintian errors
1 jpye 1417 .TH ASCEND 1 "April 21, 2007" ascend "User's Manual"
2 jpye 1396 .SH NAME
3     ascend \- A modelling environment for solving equations
6     .B ascend
8 jpye 1418 Usage: ascend [[-m typename] file
10     Options:
11     --version show program's version number and exit
12     -h, --help show this help message and exit
13     -m MODEL, --model=MODEL
14     specify the model to instantiate upon loading modules
15     --pygtk-assets=ASSETS_DIR
16     override the configuration value for the location of
17     assets required by PyGTK for the ASCEND GUI, optional
18     --library=LIBRARY_PATH
19     override the configuration value for the library path
20     --no-auto-sim disable auto-instantiation of MODEL named as the file
21     stem
23 jpye 1396 .SH DESCRIPTION
24 jpye 1418
25     \fbascend\fR will run the ne PyGTK GUI for ASCEND. It gives console output
26     as well as using a GTK window.
28 jpye 1396 \fBASCEND\fR (or \fBascend\fR) is modelling program that allows you
29     to solve systems of equations. You write model files (*.a4c) that describe
30     your system of equations, then you load them into the ASCEND GUI and examine
31     and solve your equations. For more information see the ASCEND wiki at
33     http://ascendwiki.cheme.cmu.edu/

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