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Sat Jan 22 14:22:13 2005 UTC (19 years, 5 months ago) by jds
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Initial commit of WinVC7 and jam build files.  jam builds Ascend base libs and tcltk98 executable on Windows using msvc, borland, mingw, and watcom (watcom can't yet link executable due to lack of isnan() and copysign() functions).

Also includes minor source updates to compile & run on Windows.
1 The VC7 projects in this folder build the Ascend base libraries.
2 Each project builds a single library corresponding to the
3 source files in each of the base/generic subdirectories.
5 The projects are collated in a Visual Studio 2003 solution,
6 WinVC7_base_libs.sln. This VS solution allows easy compilation
7 of all of the base libraries.
9 The current implementation does not perform generation of:
10 compiler/ascParse.c
11 compiler/ascParse.h
12 compiler/scanner.c
13 which requires the unix lex/flex and sed tools. The pre-generated
14 source files are used. If modification of these compiler files
15 is desired, it will be necessary to obtain Win32 versions of these
16 tools and perform the source generation separately. Both the Linux
17 and jam build systems perform this generation - refer to the
18 corresponding build files for guidance if needed.
20 A couple of sources in the generic\solver library still are dependent
21 on the Tcl/Tk headers. This implementation assumes that the Tcl headers
22 are available in ..\..\..\Tcl\Include. If the Tcl headers are located
23 somewhere else, you will need to add the correct subdirectory to the
24 search path.

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