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revision 219 by johnpye, Wed Jan 25 07:41:58 2006 UTC revision 220 by johnpye, Wed Jan 25 07:44:41 2006 UTC
# Line 1  Line 1 
1  /*  /*
2      Problem Analysis Routines      Problem Analysis Routines
3      by Benjamin Andrew Allan      by Benjamin Andrew Allan 5/19/96
4      5/19/96  
5      Version: $Revision: 1.56 $      Version: $Revision: 1.56 $
     Version control file: $RCSfile: analyze.c,v $  
6      Date last modified: $Date: 2003/08/23 18:43:12 $      Date last modified: $Date: 2003/08/23 18:43:12 $
7      Last modified by: $Author: ballan $      Last modified by: $Author: ballan $
8      Copyright(C) 1996 Benjamin Andrew Allan      Copyright(C) 1996 Benjamin Andrew Allan
9        Copyright(C) 2006 Carnegie Mellon University
11      This file is part of the ASCEND IV math programming system.      This file is part of the ASCEND IV math programming system.
# Line 28  Line 28 
29  /** @file analyze.c  /** @file analyze.c
31      These functions are the start of a new design for feeding      @see analyze.h
     solvers from the ASCEND compiler or any arbitrary backend.  
     The intention is that eventually the other code in the solver  
     directory will really be for *solution algorithms* and the  
     definition of a *problem* will come from here. In essence, most  
     of what was solver/system.c will be here. Negotiating directly  
     with the ASCEND instance hierarchy should not be a solver's  
     The goal of this module is to CREATE a slv_system_t data structure  
     capable of supporting code generation, an interactive interface, and  
     in-core solvers, while being expandable in the future to out of core  
     solvers/external-process solvers.  
     A secondary goal is to have nonlinear solver files be independent of  
     all the compiler directory files except ascmalloc.h.  
     The present fly in the ointment is expr.h because of the objective fcns.  
     The relman and exprman modules go away because they are indicative of  
     functionality that belongs either in the compiler or rel.c.  
     If we meet this goal, then it is a simple matter to connect any  
     arbitrary compiler backend to the solver API by replacing the rel  
     and var and analyze modules.  
32  */  */
34  #include <stdarg.h>  #include <stdarg.h>

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