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Mon Apr 17 03:18:06 2006 UTC (16 years, 9 months ago) by ben.allan
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Changed the syntax of import from
IMPORT id FROM "quoted/text/lib";
Writing external
METHOD calls via the EXTERNAL methname(arglist);
now works.

Against my better judgement in a few cases,
cleaned up the old EXT statement code from Abbott
to work in a typesafe manner. A better solution
is to get the CALL syntax working as defined in 
the grammar, but this takes a good deal more work
and meanwhile people want to get their phds...

Still some known bugs in relation_util.
I need to commit the test models that go with
the EXT statements. Fixed a bunch of lintish
compiler complaints. Don't try to solve external
models yet.

1 extern int do_set_values_eval( struct Instance *i, struct gl_list_t *arglist);
2 extern int do_bisection_eval( struct Instance *i, struct gl_list_t *arglist);

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