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1 $Revision: 1.2 $
2 $Author: ballan $
3 $Date: 1997/07/05 14:12:06 $
5 After having successfully solved a square problem, run the
6 following command from the command line.
8 dbg_calc_relnoms
10 This procedure calculates the nominals for the relations.
11 This will help GAMS with scaling the problem. After having
12 done this, running the following command from the command
13 line
15 dbg_write_slv0_sys filename
17 Where filename is the name of the file you want to generate.
18 For example, if I want to generate a file called preprocess, I
19 would type the following
21 dbg_write_slv0_sys preprocess
23 After having generated the file to be processed, invoke the
24 following command from a shell prompt.
26 ascend2gms.pl input
28 The input is the name of the file you want to parse. In the
29 previous example, this is preprocess. The script will
30 automatically generate a file called preprocess.gms, which
31 is the GAMS input file and a file called preprocess.lk which
32 contains the actual ASCEND variables and there associated
33 variables used in the GAMS input file.
35 The GAMS file that is created is assumed to be a nonlinear program.
36 The current working version of ascend2gms.pl does not handle integer
37 variables YET! The user must fill in an appropriate objective
38 function. The equation obj1.. is provided. The default is to
39 minimize the objective function using NLP. This could be changed
40 by the user if the MODEL happens to be linear.
42 Once the objective function has been supplied, the user will need
43 to free additional variables in order to solve a non-square
44 system of equations.

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