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bin/  141  18 years  johnpye   Modifying build so that static libraries have same name under both Jam and Autot…
archive/  777  17 years  johnpye   Working on fixing a couple of VC++ warnings
lib/  1063  17 years  johnpye   Changed ASC_DLLSPEC(TYPE) to ASC_DLLSPEC TYPE, because it was causing havoc with…
test/  1069  17 years  johnpye   Added scons switch IDA_NEW_ANALYSE for the new code that implements a better DAE…
packages/  1211  17 years  johnpye   Fixed dependencies on dimen.h and fractions.h.
linear/  1221  17 years  johnpye   Implemented the DAE partitioning routine but am nowing tracking down a fiendish …
compiler/  1230  17 years  johnpye   Removed operator= for Plot and Curve (C++) Fixed #include for child.h
utilities/  1235  17 years  johnpye   Added missing signal pop
solver/  1240  17 years  johnpye   @!@#$#$%! working at last
integrator/  1240  17 years  johnpye   @!@#$#$%! working at last
general/  1240  17 years  johnpye   @!@#$#$%! working at last
Makefile.Rules.in  22  19 years  aw0a   adding missing files
Jamfile  569  17 years  johnpye   Changing from 'tcltk98' to 'tcltk', in progress.
Makefile.in  569  17 years  johnpye   Changing from 'tcltk98' to 'tcltk', in progress.
ConfigAscend.in  634  17 years  johnpye   The ';' was messing up the build, see http://buildbot.cruncher2.dyndns.org/ascen

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