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bin/  141  17 years  johnpye   Modifying build so that static libraries have same name under both Jam and Autot…
archive/  777  17 years  johnpye   Working on fixing a couple of VC++ warnings
lib/  1063  16 years  johnpye   Changed ASC_DLLSPEC(TYPE) to ASC_DLLSPEC TYPE, because it was causing havoc with…
test/  1069  16 years  johnpye   Added scons switch IDA_NEW_ANALYSE for the new code that implements a better DAE…
linear/  1183  16 years  johnpye   Huge reorganisation -- all mtx and lin files moved to base/generic/linear. Requi…
packages/  1185  16 years  johnpye   Removing these files (see models/test instead)
general/  1187  16 years  johnpye   analyse.c can now pick up 'chains' of derivatives and pass them to the solver.
utilities/  1191  16 years  johnpye   Added obs_id lists to analyse.c. Hopefully we can remove later when we work out …
compiler/  1197  16 years  johnpye   Little bit of work trying to make interface pointers work better. Not much succe…
integrator/  1201  16 years  johnpye   Added some more test cases for DAE problem analysis. Little bit of tidying up in…
solver/  1202  16 years  johnpye   Rearranged doxygen groups so that stuff that just deals with slv_system_t is in …
Makefile.Rules.in  22  18 years  aw0a   adding missing files
Jamfile  569  17 years  johnpye   Changing from 'tcltk98' to 'tcltk', in progress.
Makefile.in  569  17 years  johnpye   Changing from 'tcltk98' to 'tcltk', in progress.
ConfigAscend.in  634  17 years  johnpye   The ';' was messing up the build, see http://buildbot.cruncher2.dyndns.org/ascen

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