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Wed May 24 04:34:25 2006 UTC (17 years, 6 months ago) by johnpye
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Added changes to allow autotools build on ubuntu. There were some wrong assumptions
about file locations that I was able to correct using information in the 
tclConfig.sh and tkConfig.sh files. This will need testing on Fedora/Unix/etc.
1 #!/bin/sh
2 # This script works with standard packages on Ubuntu Breezy Badget
4 ASCROOT=~/ascroot
6 ./configure --prefix=$ASCROOT --with-fortran=gfortran,/usr/lib/libg2c.so.0 --enable-gcc --enable-optimization --enable-dynamic-packages --with-tkconfig=/usr/lib/tk8.4/ --with-tclconfig=/usr/lib/tcl8.4/


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