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Wed Dec 21 04:37:33 2005 UTC (16 years, 11 months ago) by johnpye
File size: 2205 byte(s)
Renamed unixAC213 to 'autotools'
Updated 'config.guess' to a newer version that can detect MinGW.
1 ben.allan 44 Ok, so here's the assumptions and goals.
3     0) source directory layout:"
4     blas
5     linpack
6     lsod
7     base
8     base/generic
9     base/generic/[compiler, etc]
10     base/unixac213
12     1) configure and its auxiliaries will exist in unixac213 for the 2.13 autoconf build.
13     2) relative to unixac213, the source code is in ../generic.
14     3) unixac213/configure may be run from *anywhere*
15     and therefore the makefiles must be structured accordingly.
16     4) We will require gnu make in the autoconf-based builds.
17     gmake is available on all but windows now, and windows users
18     generally want to use a Visual tool or jam or something other
19     than autoconf anyway.
21     Let's assume we're going to build in /tmp/ascend
22     and the subversion source is in $HOME/newcmu.
23     This means $HOME/newcmu/code/trunk/base/unixAC213 exists and is the home
24     of the configure source for ac213 purposes.
26     The implications of 3) are--
28     a) generated files will all be under /tmp/ascend, including:
29     makefiles from configure, parser from yacc, .o from compiler, etc.
30     b) The source is never touched by the build process, just read.
31     c) If we want to blow away the build mess and start over, it's easy.
32     d) configure has to have a clue or be given one. The autotools standard
33     says the clue is given: --srcdir=where-the-configure-is-dir
34     e) VPATH must *always* be present in the generated makefiles,
35     not just when --srcdir is passed to configure. Note autoconf 2.13
36     gets rid of VPATH lines in makefiles whenever it can, as it isn't
37     portable to solaris make, so we force VPATH lines to be left in
38     by using a gmake-ism (VPATH := or VPATH += rather than VPATH=).
41     So the build example cases that must work are:
43     A) (build in place -- this is what we should never do, btw.)
44     cd $HOME/newcmu/code/trunk/base/unixAC213; ./configure {stuff}; make; make install
46     B) (srcdir build)
47     cd /tmp/ascend; ../../home/baallan/newcmu/code/trunk/base/unixAC213/configure --srcdir=$HOME/newcmu/code/trunk/base/unixAC213 {stuff}; make; make install
49     (B) is what Mark had working almost forever while we were at CMU,
50     but under the old directory layout. When (B) works, A is the trivial
51     case, so the challenge is to make B work and to use --src-dir as
52     required when configuring ascend.

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