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1 This is the README file for release 0.9 of ASCEND IV.
3 General Information
4 ===================
6 The ASCEND software is provided WITHOUT WARRANTY under the GNU Public
7 License for affiliates of the Institute for Complex Engineered Systems
8 at Carnegie Mellon University to test. Anyone else who comes across
9 this distribution can of course take it, but be aware that it is
10 unsupported for anyone but our industrial affiliates at this time.
11 (Which really means that if you take it, find bugs and are cordial, we
12 will be happy to work with you on fixing it, but our research comes
13 first.)
15 Documentation, in the form the PDF files, can be retrieved via the
16 World Wide Web off the ASCEND home page: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~ascend/
18 If you wish to be specifically informed when ASCEND becomes
19 generally available, send a note to ascend+www@edrc.cmu.edu with your
20 preferred email address.
22 If you wish to obtain information regarding short courses on the use
23 of ASCEND, send email to aw0a@edrc.cmu.edu.
25 Licensing
26 =========
28 ASCEND is distributed under the GNU public license, a copy of which
29 is in this directory in the file COPYING.
31 We do not redistribute proprietary solvers such as CONOPT, though we
32 do distribute the ASCEND interfaces to them.
34 Warranty
35 ========
37 ASCEND is distributed without warranty. See the file `COPYING' in
38 this directory for details.
40 Unpacking ASCEND
41 ================
43 Building and using ASCEND requires release 8.0p2 of the Tcl language
44 and Tk Toolkit, and release 1.8 or newer of the TkTable add-on, as well
45 as the ASCEND sources. We realize these pieces make it a bit more
46 difficult for you to get a complete distribution, so we will explain how
47 to download and unpack ASCEND to make sure you get all of the pieces.
49 1. The first piece is the C and Tcl source code for the ASCEND binary
50 (compiler, solver, interface, etc) itself. You'll find this in the
51 file ascendiv-0.9.tar.Z.
53 2. If you do not have Tcl/Tk at your site, or you have a version prior
54 to Tcl/Tk 8.0p2, you will need to download tcl8.0p2.tar.Z and
55 tk8.0p2.tar.Z. These file contains the language and GUI toolkit in
56 which the ASCEND interface is written.
58 3. If you do not have the TkTable Tk-add-on package at your site, or
59 you have a version prior to TkTable 1.8, you will need to download
60 tkTable1.80.tar.Z.
62 4. To use the plotting capability of ASCEND, we suggest you have
63 xgraph or tkxgraph. If you do not have either of these plotting
64 tools at your site, you can download a copy of either xgraph or
65 tkxgraph from ASCEND's home page: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~ascend/
67 If you download xgraph or tkxgraph from the ASCEND site, follow the
68 directions contained in those distributions.
70 Once you have downloaded the files your site requires, you are ready
71 to unpack ASCEND. We suggest you move the files you downloaded into
72 their own directory. `cd' into that directory.
74 To unpack things, issue the command:
75 zcat ascendiv-0.9.tar.Z | tar xf -
76 and repeat for each ...tar.Z file.
78 Building ASCEND
79 ===============
81 Please see the file INSTALL for instructions on building ASCEND.
83 Additional Reading
84 ==================
86 See links off of our home page, http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~ascend/
88 Administrivia
89 =============
91 $Revision: 1.4 $
92 $Date: 1998/06/24 10:59:51 $
93 $Source: /afs/cs.cmu.edu/project/ascend/Repository/ascend4/README,v $
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