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help/  1  18 years  aw0a   Setting up web subdirectory in repository
ipslv-temp/  1190  16 years  johnpye   Removed IPSLV files (we hope to bring them back but they are hampering refactori…
test/  1245  16 years  johnpye   moving it back. silly me.
blas/  1397  16 years  jpye   Removed Jam support -- hasn't been used for ~1yr
scons/  1633  15 years  jpye   More work on AccumulateBuilder
nsis/  1757  15 years  jpye   Add DOPRI5 to installer package (EXPERIMENTAL). On Windows, use the registry to …
doc/  1766  15 years  jpye   Fixed heading numbers in book.pdf, some tinkering to expose bug in IDA when ther…
mmio/  1786  15 years  jpye   Fixed for missing libpython (DistutilsPlatformError). Fixed several env.Copy() w…
tcltk/  1787  15 years  jpye   Fixed against Tcl/Tk on Fedora 9. Removed lots more env.Copy(), change to env.Cl…
base/  1800  14 years  jpye   Adding 'most refined note' support.
pygtk/  1814  14 years  jpye   Excluded non-parametric models.
tools/  1820  14 years  jpye   Fixed dtar to support separate debian.tar.gz file.
debian/  1820  14 years  jpye   Fixed dtar to support separate debian.tar.gz file.
solvers/  1821  14 years  jpye   LSODE links with -fPIC, required for amd64 platform on Ubuntu.
models/  1832  14 years  jpye   Refactor helm_resid_tau.
ascend-C.omf  906  16 years  johnpye   Adding freedesktop.org documentation declaration (first go)
INSTALL.txt  1435  16 years  ballan   updated the makefile stuff to work in the current dir structure. still lots of p…
README-windows.txt  1573  15 years  jpye   Added support for automatic download/install of ActiveTcl.
LICENSE.txt  1591  15 years  jpye   removed no-longer-used dependencies.ini file (layout for NSIS dialog) reflowed t…
README-build-service.txt  1596  15 years  jpye   Modified Debian build log. Added creation of debian.tar.gz for use with OpenSUSE…
ascend-config.in  1743  15 years  jpye   Further changes to address ParseConfig issues following from ascend-config outpu…
CHANGELOG.txt  1758  15 years  jpye   Updated changelog.
test.py  1792  14 years  jpye   Change to MUMPS from test of IPOPT. Tested with F9.
ascend.spec.in  1796  14 years  jpye   Added changelog.
SConstruct  1820  14 years  jpye   Fixed dtar to support separate debian.tar.gz file.
ascend.spec  1820  14 years  jpye   Fixed dtar to support separate debian.tar.gz file.

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