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ascend/  3410  5 years  jpye   completing testing of pairlist
ascxx/  3313  6 years  jpye   env_import_default modified to not replace values in the current env if they alr…
blas/  3181  7 years  jpye   make dependency on GTK optional, only if certain classes requested.
debian/  2740  10 years  jpye   linear dish array model, with pressure drops in pipe segments, first attempt
disused/  3386  5 years  jpye   rounded.c and interval.c seem to be completed disused.
doc/  3258  6 years  jpye   Merged relerrorlist branch back to trunk.
mac/  2154  13 years  jpye   Move installgtk to mac directory.
mmio/  3338  5 years  jpye   remove function decl
models/  3409  5 years  jpye   cleanup
nsis/  2714  10 years  jpye   Differently-named start menu entry for 64-bit version on Windows.
pygtk/  3409  5 years  jpye   cleanup
scons/  2715  10 years  jpye   reviewing mingw32 build. changing detection of glade directory on windows.
solvers/  3405  5 years  jpye   commenting-out more disused opcode/glassbox code
tcltk/  3407  5 years  jpye   disabling glassbox, opcode relations and some codegen stuff.
test/  3400  5 years  jpye   added GetNotesList test
tools/  3340  5 years  jpye   cleanup of .gcno files
CHANGELOG.txt  3258  6 years  jpye   Merged relerrorlist branch back to trunk.
INSTALL.txt  2145  14 years  jpye   Minor updates to changelog and install.txt
LICENSE.txt  1591  16 years  jpye   removed no-longer-used dependencies.ini file (layout for NSIS dialog) reflowed t…
README-build-service.txt  1596  16 years  jpye   Modified Debian build log. Added creation of debian.tar.gz for use with OpenSUSE…
README-osx.txt  2084  14 years  jpye   Adding OSX readme file. Folder background for use during dmg creation. ASCENDLIB…
README-windows.txt  2151  14 years  jpye   Add 'specific_volume_rate'. Remove 'dh_desktop' from debian/rules. Add note abou…
SConstruct  3400  5 years  jpye   added GetNotesList test
ascend-C.omf  906  17 years  johnpye   Adding freedesktop.org documentation declaration (first go)
ascend-config.in  2415  12 years  jpye   Hopefully provide output from ascend-config that is acceptable to SCons 1.3.x an…
ascend.spec  3258  6 years  jpye   Merged relerrorlist branch back to trunk.
ascend.spec.in  2786  9 years  jpye   reinstated RPM build for Fedora 20, tcltk GUI not included sorry
runqrslv.c  2874  8 years  jpye   update test names. commenting about compiler.h functions. revised comment about …
test.py  3258  6 years  jpye   Merged relerrorlist branch back to trunk.


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