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1 jpye 2084 README for Mac OS X Users
2     ========================
4     This is ASCEND for Mac OS X. If you are reading this file, we will assume
5     that you have managed to download the ASCEND .dmg file, and you're
6     reading this file from the folder that has appeared on your machine.
8     To complete installation of ASCEND, you need to drag the "ASCEND"
9     application icon shown beside this file into your applications folder.
10     We've provided a convenient alias for next to this file as well, to
11     make that easy for you.
13     Running ASCEND
14     --------------
16     Once you've dragged ASCEND to your Applications folder, you can start using
17     ASCEND right away.
19     The only tricky thing with ASCEND on Mac is that the usual "Model Library"
20     is a bit hard to locate. All the model files are embedded within the
21     Application. To see them you need to open the Applications folder, then
22     right-click (or ctrl-click) on ASCEND and hit "Show Package Contents".
23     A new folder will open up. Click on "Contents" then click on "Models". You
24     will now be looking at the ASCEND Model Library. You can open any of
25     these files using ASCEND.
27     TODO
28     ----
30     ASCEND still doesn't register its file-types, so double-click of .a4c or
31     .a4l files won't work yet.
33     It's not sure if we'll ever be able to make that work, as it seems that
34     OS X uses 'Apple Events' to open files, and GTK+ and PyGTK might not
35     understand those things.
37     There is as-yet no recommended tool for editing ASCEND model files on Mac.
39     We need a way of checking the configuration settings for a particular
40     system.
42     --
43     John Pye
44     24 Sept 2009.

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