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Revision 561 - Directory Listing
Modified Thu May 4 07:35:43 2006 UTC (14 years ago) by johnpye
Changes to detection of TkTable. TkTable detection was not possible
on FC5 due to the provided tktable package not coming with header
files, and no tktable-devel being offered. Hence static linkage
to Tktable is not possible. Maybe it's not a great idea anyway.
Also modified and updated the DistTar builder for SCons.
Modified SConstruct to allow Tcl/Tk 8.4 to be used.
Modified ascend.spec.in to use system-standard version of Tcl/Tk 8.4.

Revision 556 - Directory Listing
Modified Tue May 2 01:57:49 2006 UTC (14 years ago) by johnpye
Some fixes to the 'disttar' thing for 'scons dist'

Revision 554 - Directory Listing
Modified Tue May 2 00:51:02 2006 UTC (14 years ago) by johnpye
Fixed building of source tarball using 'scons dist'.
Will next add automated building of RPM targets.
Started work on building of separate RPMs for tcltk and python interfaces.

Revision 553 - Directory Listing
Added Sat Apr 29 10:01:54 2006 UTC (14 years, 1 month ago) by johnpye
woops forgot to add new file

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