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Thu May 20 05:17:35 2010 UTC (10 years, 1 month ago) by grivan
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Adding patch from Grivan, attempt to get code running with latest git master version of Gaphas. Submitted by John.
1 from gaphas.connector import PointPort
2 from blockinstance import PortInstance
3 from gaphas.connector import Position
4 from gaphas.solver import WEAK
6 class BlockPort(PointPort):
7 """
8 Port object with additional property to hold application-layer
9 representation of the port, including the reference to the block to which
10 it belongs (this data is not stored in the Gaphas Port object)
11 """
13 def __init__(self, blockinstance, portname):
14 super(BlockPort,self).__init__(Position((0,0)))
15 self.portinstance = blockinstance.ports[portname]

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