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1 Equation of state models and calculation of
2 compressibility as a function of reduced Temperatures
3 and pressures.
5 eos.a4c : Models for ideal gas, van der waals, pengrobinson
6 Redlich Kwong and Soave Redlich Kwong (along with models
7 that can be used to test them)
8 eos.a4s : tcltk script to run many/most models in eos.a4c
10 eos-pengrobinson.a4c : pretty much what's there in eos.a4c, except
11 there is a method called zplot (in python)
12 to plot Z as a function of Tr and Pr
13 eos-rk.a4c : Redlich Kwong (Z as a function of Tr and Pr also)
14 eos-srk.a4c : Soave Redlich Kwong (Z(Tr, Pr))
15 eos-vdw.a4c : Vander Waals (Z(Tr, Pr))
16 zplot.py : Python script/files for plotting (written by John Pye)

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