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Thu May 11 02:06:46 2006 UTC (14 years, 8 months ago) by johnpye
File size: 1251 byte(s)
This fixes the new Driver.c implementation. Now, default values of the environment variables
are specified in the file base/generic/utilities/config.h.in, which should be tooled up with
you configuration process. These default values will be subject to environment substiution,
so that if you set the default ASCENDTK=$ASCENDDIST/TK, that will be expanded *at runtime*.
This is to help with the 'application folder' style of installation off-root.
1 johnpye 542 // This file will be processed by SCons and output as config.h.
2     // Don't edit this file unless it's named 'config.h.in' unless
3     // it doesn't bother you that your changes will be IGNORED!
5     #ifndef ASC_CONFIG_H
6     #define ASC_CONFIG_H
9 johnpye 586 #define ASC_DATADIR "@INSTALL_DATA@"
11     /*
12     This path will be appended to the location of the current executable
13     in order to create the executable path in cases where ASC_RELATIVE_PATHS
14     is set.
15     */
16 johnpye 588 #define ASC_DISTDIR "../share/ascend"
17 johnpye 586
18     #define ASC_RELATIVE_PATHS
20     /*
21     Ben, you'll just need to add ASC_TK_SUBDIR_NAME="TK" to your autoconf DEFS
22     */
25 johnpye 552 /*
26 johnpye 586 The following are the environment variables ASCEND requires.
27     If the user does not have the ASC_ENV_DIST set in his or her
28     environment, a default value is set based on the directory where the
29     ascend binary lives. The other environment variables will be set
30     to default values keyed off of ASC_ENV_DIST. See the function
31     CheckEnvironmentVars later in this file for the details.
32 johnpye 552 */
33 johnpye 586 #define ASC_ENV_DIST "ASCENDDIST"
34     #define ASC_ENV_TK "ASCENDTK"
37 johnpye 542 #endif

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