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Thu Mar 30 04:14:29 2006 UTC (14 years ago) by johnpye
File size: 462 byte(s)
First attempt at SCons build. This will build the static libraries
for me on Linux with GCC 4.0.2. Will work now on getting it to 
build the Tcl/Tk GUI.
1 Import('env')
3 env.Library('ascsolver',Split("""
5 analyze.c bnd.c bndman.c calc.c cond_config.c
6 conditional.c conopt.c discrete.c incidence.c linsol.c
7 linsolqr.c linutils.c logrel.c logrelman.c model_reorder.c
8 mps.c mtx_basic.c mtx_linal.c mtx_perms.c mtx_query.c
9 mtx_reorder.c mtx_use_only.c rel.c relman.c
10 slv.c slv0.c slv1.c slv2.c slv3.c slv6.c slv7.c
11 slv8.c slv9.c slv9a.c slvDOF.c slv_common.c
12 slv_interface.c slv_stdcalls.c system.c var.c
14 """))

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