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ascend/  2202  8 years  jpye   Update 'no lex' and 'no yacc' versions of compiler code.
blas/  1397  11 years  jpye   Removed Jam support -- hasn't been used for ~1yr
debian/  2151  8 years  jpye   Add 'specific_volume_rate'. Remove 'dh_desktop' from debian/rules. Add note abou…
disused/  2036  9 years  ballan   issues resolved: 295 390 301 cmslv.c: unused var cleanup. lsode/SConscript: fort…
doc/  2059  9 years  jpye   New Doxyfile, copied from ascend.cheme.cmu.edu cron job.
mac/  2154  8 years  jpye   Move installgtk to mac directory.
mmio/  1786  10 years  jpye   Fixed for missing libpython (DistutilsPlatformError). Fixed several env.Copy() w…
models/  2214  8 years  jpye   Revert to polynomial implem.
nsis/  2203  8 years  jpye   USe PNG image for splash, instead of SVG. Change installer to use Tcl F…
pygtk/  2207  8 years  jpye   Fixed bug #403.
scons/  2170  8 years  jpye   Fix for detecting sundials on Windows
solvers/  2183  8 years  jpye   Merging slvreq functionality into trunk.
tcltk/  2097  8 years  jpye   Move to 'Science' menu in Ubuntu. Working to fix support for new IDA. Fixing err…
test/  2130  8 years  mahesh   Merging all changes from Mahesh's GSOC project. svn merge -r2273:2671 svn://asce
tools/  2209  8 years  jpye   Add slvreq comments to langdefs for TextPad and gedit.
CHANGELOG.txt  2184  8 years  jpye   List of changes so far for 0.9.8 release.
INSTALL.txt  2145  8 years  jpye   Minor updates to changelog and install.txt
LICENSE.txt  1591  11 years  jpye   removed no-longer-used dependencies.ini file (layout for NSIS dialog) reflowed t…
README-build-service.txt  1596  11 years  jpye   Modified Debian build log. Added creation of debian.tar.gz for use with OpenSUSE…
README-osx.txt  2084  9 years  jpye   Adding OSX readme file. Folder background for use during dmg creation. ASCENDLIB…
README-windows.txt  2151  8 years  jpye   Add 'specific_volume_rate'. Remove 'dh_desktop' from debian/rules. Add note abou…
SConstruct  2208  8 years  jpye   remove version check for SWIG.
ascend-C.omf  906  12 years  johnpye   Adding freedesktop.org documentation declaration (first go)
ascend-config.in  2083  9 years  jpye   Almost there... ASCEND.app runs OK from command line now, but errors from Finder…
ascend.spec  2150  8 years  mahesh   Bump trunk to 0.9.8. Some work on detection of SUNDIALS on Linux (will need to b…
ascend.spec.in  2030  9 years  jpye   Packaging fixes for Fedora.
test.py  2183  8 years  jpye   Merging slvreq functionality into trunk.

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