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revision 2938 by adrian, Wed Apr 1 10:57:31 2015 UTC revision 2939 by adrian, Wed Jun 3 22:05:25 2015 UTC
# Line 31  Function DetectPython Line 31  Function DetectPython
31  FunctionEnd  FunctionEnd
33  ;--------------------------------------------------------------------  ;--------------------------------------------------------------------
34  ; Prefer the current user's installation of GTK, fall back to the local machine  ; Is GTK3 available?
36  Function DetectGTK  Function DetectGTK
37  !ifdef INST64      ${If} ${FileExists} "$PYPATH\Lib\site-packages\gnome\libgtk-3-0.dll"
38      SetRegView 64          StrCpy $HAVE_GTK "OK"
     ; Search in the registry in the first instance  
     ReadRegStr $R6 HKLM "SOFTWARE\GTK+-${GTK_VER}" "InstallDir"  
     ${If} $R6 == ''  
         ; If not found in the registory, look in ${GTKSEARCHPATH}  
         ;MessageBox MB_OK "No GTK found in HKLM"  
         ${If} ${FileExists} "${GTKSEARCHPATH}\manifest\${GTK_MFT}"  
                 ;MessageBox MB_OK "GTK OK in ${GTKSEARCHPATH}\manifest"  
                 StrCpy $GTKPATH "${GTKSEARCHPATH}\bin"  
                 StrCpy $HAVE_GTK "OK"  
39      ${Else}      ${Else}
40          ; Found in the registry. Check for the GTK DLL, but don't insist          ;MessageBox MB_OK "No PyCairo in $PYPATH"      
41          ; on exactly matching manifest ID in this case.          StrCpy $HAVE_GTK "NOK"
         ${If} ${FileExists} "$R6\bin\libgtk-win32-2.0-0.dll"  
             ;MessageBox MB_OK "GTK OK in $R6 (from registry)"  
             StrCpy $GTKPATH "$R6\bin"  
             StrCpy $HAVE_GTK "OK"  
42      ${EndIf}      ${EndIf}
     ;MessageBox MB_OK "Failed to locate GTK (searched registry\nand also ${GTKSEARCHPATH})"  
     StrCpy $GTKPATH "GTK not found in registry or ${GTKSEARCHPATH}"  
     StrCpy $HAVE_GTK "NOK"  
43  FunctionEnd  FunctionEnd
45  ;--------------------------------------------------------------------  ;--------------------------------------------------------------------
46  ; Are necessary PyGTK bits and pieces available?  ; Are necessary Python packages and pieces available?
 Function DetectPyGTK  
     ${If} ${FileExists} "$PYPATH\Lib\site-packages\gtk-2.0\gtk\__init__.py"  
         StrCpy $HAVE_PYGTK "OK"  
         ;MessageBox MB_OK "No PyGTK in $PYPATH"      
         StrCpy $HAVE_PYGTK "NOK"  
48  Function DetectPyCairo  Function DetectPyCairo
49      ${If} ${FileExists} "$PYPATH\Lib\site-packages\cairo\__init__.py"      ${If} ${FileExists} "$PYPATH\Lib\site-packages\gnome\libcairo-gobject-2.dll"
50          StrCpy $HAVE_PYCAIRO "OK"          StrCpy $HAVE_PYCAIRO "OK"
51      ${Else}      ${Else}
52          ;MessageBox MB_OK "No PyCairo in $PYPATH"                ;MessageBox MB_OK "No PyCairo in $PYPATH"      
# Line 85  Function DetectPyCairo Line 55  Function DetectPyCairo
55  FunctionEnd  FunctionEnd
57  Function DetectPyGObject  Function DetectPyGObject
58      ${If} ${FileExists} "$PYPATH\Lib\site-packages\gtk-2.0\gobject\__init__.py"      ${If} ${FileExists} "$PYPATH\Lib\site-packages\gnome\libgobject-2.0-0.dll"
59          StrCpy $HAVE_PYGOBJECT "OK"          StrCpy $HAVE_PYGOBJECT "OK"
60      ${Else}      ${Else}
61          ;MessageBox MB_OK "No PyGObject in $PYPATH"              ;MessageBox MB_OK "No PyGObject in $PYPATH"    

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